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Sahar Hassan, mezzo-soprano

Paul Berget & Phil Rukavina, lute

Mary Burke, viola da gamba

Julie Elhard, basse de viol

Ladyslipper Ensemble

Fin’Amor (Refined Love) includes exquisitely delicious ensemble music, and songs by Jean Baptiste Lully, Étienne Moulinié, Robert de Visée and others. Come experience joy, bliss, passion, anguish and madness all in one whirlwind of an evening.

Thursday, Aug 8 | 8:00 pm
St. Paul Conservatory

Ladyslipper Ensemble is a twin cities chamber music collective with two facets that bring the community something old and something new by presenting repertoire spanning from the 17th to the 21st century performed on early instruments and modern. Dedicated to uncovering lost works and introducing audiences to rarely heard pieces, we invite our listeners to explore the unfamiliar, creating a deeper appreciation for the forgotten. By offering innovative, fresh and engaging programming, Ladyslipper brings soulful and beautiful themes to life. We strive to usher you beyond the realm of tradition and break barriers between listeners and performers.

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