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Music of England
from Elizabeth I to James I

Sunday, August 12 | 3:00 pm
The SPCM Concert Hall

Donald Livingston, clavecin

Maria Jette, soprano

Paul Jacobson, flûte traversière

Mary Burke, basse de viole

Festival Reception
Sunday, August 12 | 4:00 pm
The SPCM Concert Hall

The Couperin family dominated French music during the Baroque period, and a Couperin was organist at the Church of St. Gervais in Paris for almost two-hundred years. Le Grand is a program that spans the lives of the Couperin masters, including Louis, father of the prélude non-mésuré, Armand-Louis, and François, known as 'le Grand', as well as works by other composers that influenced and were influenced by this incomparable dynasty.

The concert will be followed by the closing reception celebrating the fifth anniversary of the festival.

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