Looking Back

Thoughts on Early Music Performance

Thoughts on Handel's Theodora, HW 68

Still rose the morn; Security had lull’d The scatter’d sons of vice in false repose, Heav’n of its dread intent no portents gave; …When, instantaneous, earth’s huge, cumb’rous mass Heav’d, with strange pang, and deep resounds her groan. Anon., 1750 Climate change events have produced some bizarre collateral effects in recent history, but none more so than the earthquake that struck London in the spring of 1750. This is how chronicler and satirist William Hone, writing 80 years later, described the tremors: On the 8th of March, 1750, an earthquake shook London. The shock was at half past five in the morning. It awoke people from their sleep and frightened them out of their houses. A servant m

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