Looking Back

Thoughts on Early Music Performance

The Couperin Dynasty

2018 marks the tercentenary year of François Couperin. Known as 'le Grand', he is the most famous of a line of family musicians and composers that stretches from the 17th to the 19th centuries. The Couperin musical heritage begins with Mathurin Couperin (c.1569–c.1640), amateur musician and father of Charles (d. 1654), organist at the Abbey of St. Pierre and father of at least three professional musicians: Louis (1626–1661), François (1631–1701), and Charles (1639–1679). The rise to fame began with a visit by the three sons to Jacques Champion de Chambonnières, harpsichordist to the King of France. So impressed was Chambonnières with the playing and compositions of Louis, he took the boy wit

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