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Guardian Angels

In light of the current health crisis and the subsequent 'cultural blackout' that is occurring nationwide, TCEM is offering some video as a virtual stand-in for concerts you may have missed.

The following video is from Handel's first oratorio, The Triumph of Time and Truth (1757), excerpts of which would have been heard at the Bach Society of Minnesota concert that was cancelled this past weekend.

The following aria sung by Beauty, "Guardian Angels," is a reworking of "Tu del ciel ministro eletto" from the 1707 oratorio, and in this later version the original solo violin has been replaced by an oboe:

Guardian angels, oh, protect me,

And in Virtue's path direct me,

While resign'd to Heav'n above.

Let no more this world deceive me,

Nor let idle passions grieve me, Strong in faith, in hope, in love.

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